House Cleaning Tips

How to clean granite countertops

In our experience, the most successful and safest way to clean your granite countertops has been using a damp rag with a solution of warm water and dish soap. Clean your countertops on a circular motion putting a little more strength and rinse it with clean water. At the end, dry your countertops with a clean towel. Using a rag won't make any mark or scratches. You can also use a non scratching sponge or a product especially for granite countertops.

Ready to Put Your House on the Market?

Believe it or not, one of the things that home owners forget and we have realized will catch buyers' attention, is the way carpets are being vacuum. Vacuum your carpets length wise in straight lines and try not to stop until you get to the other side of the room, that way your home will have the appearance of being cleaned by a professional cleaning service.

Want to have a nice smell?

Isn't it great to come to a clean home and a nice smell? One little trick that we use in our service is to pass a rag to all the mouldings, doors and around the windows with a product named Fabuloso, we prefer the lavender scent. It not only leaves your home with a tranquilizing aroma, but it cleans it as well. You can also use Fabuloso to clean your tile and linoleum floors, but make sure not to put too much of it or you'll end with a soapy floor. You can find this product in Walmart or any grocery store.